Yoga and Meditation

Name :- Laxmi neupane
Class : Eight School
Sunshine academy B.N.P.-1, Surkhet

Yoga is a type of exercise which we move our body into various position in order to become more fit or flexible to improve our breathing and relax our combines physical,exercise,mental meditation and breathing techniques to strength the muscle and relieve stress.when we do yoga our mind makes fully fresh.Yoga is a physical,mental and spiritual practice.

Yoga has been practice for thousand year. Regular doing yoga create mental clarity,increases body awareness,relieve stress, relax the mind,centres attention and concentration.It help in controlling a person body mind and soul.And together it brings the physical and mental discipline which is better for body and mind.Yoga is not a religion.It is a science of well being,body.mind and soul.It comes from sanskrit word.It help people to make confidence and bring learning to children on experimental level.Yoga teach us to preserve any thing,work towards their goal.Yoga also provide tools for practising mindfulness,generosity focus and flexibility.

It is also used to reduce stress of our mind coordination between people, Concentration on study,sleep and digestion.Yoga is a combination of breathing exercise,physical posture; straight our backbone,and meditation.It is a natural progression.The main reason for yoga’s growing popularity is the large scale transmission of education.It is also help in respiration.When we doing yoga it is recommended not to drink for 15 minute and eat for an half an hour after the yoga practice to let the body calm down again.After the yoga practice we should rest for 10 minute on savasan.

It is the way of living life healthy mind in a healthy body.The person who do spiritual being.we used yoga for better relationship.The art of practising yoga helps in controlling an individual mind,body and soul.It bring together physical and mental discipline to achieve a peaceful body and mind.It help in manage stress and keep us relaxing.It also help in increasing flexibility of muscle,strength and body tone.It improves respiration,energy. yoga asanas build strength,flexibility and confidence.Regular practice of yoga help lose weight,relieve stress and improve immunity power and maintains a healthier life style. Benefit of yoga :yoga increases our flexibility :yoga helps to build strength :yoga improves our posture. :yoga is a powerful concentration practice : yoga reduces stress Meditation is a part of yoga which deals with mental relaxation and concentration.Being aware of breathing automatically controls through process and thus relax mind completely.

We need yoga because it brings together physical and mental discipline to achieve a peaceful body and mind,it helps in increasing flexibility ,muscle, strength,and body tone.Man is a physical,mental,and spiritual being.Yoga helps to make healthier life choice Yoga encourage our body’s natural healing process.Yoga has potential to completely transform our body. Good posture will give us a better stomach our shoulder will come back and bring our head up.When we are in a yoga class our teacher normally give us a warm up to perfom. Doing regular yoga will build our muscles overtime. Yoga used to control breathing and meditation for relaxation.Yoga has potential to completely transform our body.Yoga is perform as a part of our exercise program to increase general health,reduce stress,improve flexibility and muscle strength, the major principle of yoga are:

*Proper exercise

*Proper breathing

*Proper relaxation

*Proper diet and nutrition

*Proper thinking and meditation Five reason to do yoga are given below:

*Reduce prevent and manage back pain

*improve heart healthy

*improve balance and coordination

*improve our mood and help to treat depression

*understand the mind and body connection

*develop body awareness The best time of to do yoga in morning meditation is a practice where and individual uses a techniques such as:particular object through our activities to train attention and awareness and mentally clear.The type of meditation are;

*Mindfulness *spiritual* and focused After any meditation techniques it is important to let meditation happen which relaxed awareness.Once a good dive with in happenes and person come back,it always help to celebrate and Express gratitude for moment to silence. In conclusion ; Yoga is the medicine for nearly every problem as you practice yoga It doesn’t only help you to improve our physical body but it also help in maintaining our inner peace and relaxing our mind. Thank you

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